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Ashish Maharjan 

Ashish is a natural-born entrepreneur from Nepal who fell in love with the art of coffeemaking after moving to caffeine crazy Sweden. With a background in hospitality from Switzerland, he’s a stickler for details, always striving for perfection in everything he does. That includes making a mean café latte. 


He came to Sweden to accompany his Brazilian wife, Fernanda, who was studying at Lund University. Ashish soon got a job as barista at Fogarolli and quickly climbed the proverbial ladder to become Operation manager. When his wife later got a job in Stockholm, it felt natural for Ashish to branch out and become a Barista Partner. Something he has never regretted.

Ashish was one of the first Fogarolli Barista Partners to establish himself in Stockholm. He’s often described as friendly, yet refreshingly direct and honest. He always takes the time to share his coffeemaking skills with colleagues as well as customers. And he has a motto: “quality doesn’t come cheap!”. We couldn’t agree more.   


He focuses on catering jobs in Stockholm. Kistamässan, Stockholmsmässan and concerts are his preferred destination to show off his undeniable barista skills.


Sorso AB

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