Hire a coffee cart with a mobile barista 

Every event is different. But every event has the same goal, to bring people together. And nothing brings people together like great coffee.  

At Fogarolli we’re passionate about events. And coffee (but that goes without saying). Our bright red, custom-built mobile coffee vans, not only deliver world-class Italian coffee made by professional baristas, they also have a tendency to attract a crowd. Which is great, because we are quite the chatty bunch. That’s why we make sure all our baristas are also trained in the ‘art of conversation’.  


So, whether you are planning to organise a music festival, a corporate event or a private event, we have the experience to take your event to the next level.

There is something satisfying about holding a carefully brewed cup of coffee in your hand, wouldn’t you agree? You never want that moment to end. Imagine if that coffee cup, and coffee moment, featured your logo and brand? Well, it can be done. We are happy to provide you with customised takeaway coffee cups, and other marketing opportunities, for your event. Just say the word. Or words.  

We provide tailor made coffee catering services for any event. Big or small. You see, our ambition is not only to serve great tasting coffee but to help you elevate your brand or message in the process.




Industrigatan 14,  

271 39 Ystad, Sweden

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