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Gilbert describes himself as an honest and straightforward kind of a guy who prefers to tackle things as soon as they arise. He is a creative doer who excels when it comes to questions about sports on Swedish tv-show, “På Spåret”. He also likes to dabble in graphic design, designs and makes the occasional lamp and picks up the camera whenever time allows.  


He is a restaurant industry veteran, where he has tried everything from washing dishes to running the show. But after 20 years he wanted to try something different, something challenging, and more importantly, something fun. Fogarolli seemed like the perfect fit.

Gilbert loves coffee. Like, really loves coffee. And he knows his stuff. He gets a real kick out of educating his curious customers on the art of coffee. He firmly believes that being informed and constantly striving to know more about the industry and the products, is as obvious as it is fun. 


Attending events is Gilbert’s idea of a good time. And he’s had plenty of fun over the years. He particularly enjoys helping customers tailor events after their needs and encourage them to think outside the box. He is bursting with ideas that he hopes to share with many more customers over the years. 


Happy Events by GP AB

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