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Cristina Fogarolli by coffee van

"Everyone deserves great coffee. Anywhere!"


Our mission is to introduce the real pleasure of Italian coffee culture to coffee lovers all over.

Join the Fogarolli family and become a successful coffee entrepreneur!


For an hour, without obligation, we will tell you more about Fogarolli, our fantastic red coffee cars and how you too can become a successful coffee entrepreneur and great barista. All this in one of Sweden's most exciting companies, named Future Franchise 2021 in Sweden!



Big things come in small packages

FOG_Bil NEG.png

At Fogarolli our mobile coffee trolleys are more than just mopeds. They are a part of our family. That’s why we name them after people who have a special place in the founder Cristina Fogarolli’s heart. Meet Paolo, named after Cristina’s uncle. Paolo is one of our many custom-built coffee carts designed to offer great tasting coffee at any social event. Whether you are planning a rock concert or a small corporate event, Paolo or one of his family member coffee mopeds are sure to be a success. 


Coffee to go

Few things bring people together like coffee. So, why not create a meeting hub at your event where people can bond and socialize over a cup of freshly ground coffee?


Our 13 years in the event business means you can rest easy. Whatever your event, a Fogarolli coffee moped will create the perfect customer magnet for you.


Some say the coffee culture is a matter of life and death to us Italians. We assure you, coffee is much more important than that. Therefore, we take no shortcuts with the quality of the coffee products we develop. The Fogarolli coffee and Cioccolata calda Fogarolli may be quite different products but they both contain one key ingredient – love.

You can purchase both our coffee beans and ground coffee from your local Fogarolli barista and by contacting head office.

Winner of Nordic Barista Cup? Bean there,  done that ;)

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. The supreme Arabica beans in Fogarolli coffee come from a selected few coffee plantations in South and Central America. 

The coffee beans are handpicked, sorted, washed and roasted with the outmost care to achieve the uncompromising full-body flavour and perfect balance that is Fogarolli coffee.

And don’t just take our word for it.


Our professional baristas have won a number of prestigious coffee competitions such as Nordic Barista Cup and the Swedish Latte Art Championship as well as an impressive bronze medal in the World Latte Art Championship.


The secret ingredient: Fogarolli coffee.




Gothia Cup
Malmö Saluhall
Elmia Fair
Gothia Cup
Hurricane Festival Germany
Gyllene Tider Tour
Elmia Fair
Lollapalooza Stockholm
Way out West
Messecenter Herning


Meet our

big, happy coffee family!



For us, family is everything. Meet the Fogarollis, a growing family of passionate entrepreneurs on a mission to spread the Italian coffee culture across Scandinavia.

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