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271 39 Ystad, Sweden

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Ashish Maharjan 

Ashish from Nepal found his true love in Brazil. And between those two continents they settled on Europe. So, he and his then-future wife moved to the cold north. Ashish studied in Lund and it was at Lund University that he came into contact with Fogarolli for the first time. He liked the coffee and soon started working as a barista. When his wife later got a job in Stockholm, it felt natural for Ashish to become a Fogarolli franchisee. Something he has never regretted. 


Because as he says, if he hadn't liked it, he would have quit. As simple as that. Doing what you love is important to Ashish. That and being nice to people. He describes himself as a "happy guy" who enjoys working and who is direct and honest. 

If he likes something, he talks about it. And if he doesn't like something, he talks about it. But always with the will to teach both himself and the people around him something. 


Ashish focusses on catering jobs in Stockholm. Kistamässan, Stockholmsmässan and concerts are his preferred destination to show off his barista skills. 


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